Dinners Under the Stars

Tonight I am excited to share with you something special with Visit Yuma!

Recently, I was invited by Visit Yuma to attend one of their dinner events. It was one of the most beautiful dinners I have ever been to. I attended the dinner with my sister-in-law (and baby boy, who is seriously the best baby!) where it was held under the stars in the middle of the groves. And it was absolutely stunning and so well thought and planned out. Here is a Q&A about it. 

1. What are you overall thoughts on the Date Night experience?
It was so beautiful! If you are looking to celebrate something special or just a night out with you significant other (or a girls night like me), I couldn’t encourage this more. They event planners and hosts really go out of their way to make it a night to remember. Everything from the dishes to the chairs to the decor is top quality. 

It was in the middle of the date groves (which is nice and exclusive) and you walk up to a walkway that is lite with gorgeous lights and welcomed by event hosts. There is a string quartet during the entire night and Dinner is held under a gorgeous white tent with candles and fresh flowers. They even send you home with some delicious dates. All of it really makes it a special night. 

2. What was your favorite food item & why?
Oh goodness! This is a hard one. I never (NEVER) finish my entire meal. And this was a three course  meal and I licked each plate clean! I am naturally a sweet tooth gal. However, I am going to have to say the salad (pictured above). It was almost to pretty to eat. I appreciate fine details like the way it was prepared and it was so YUMMY! It was spinach wrapped in a thin sliced cucumber with the most amazing dressing!

3. How does this compare to other nights out you have in Yuma?
There is no comparing this to anything else in Yuma.  We enjoy several nice restaurants in Yuma, but this experience was completely out of the ordinary.  I love that is was under the stars and exclusive. This meal, prepared by Chef Alex Trujillo, rivals 5 star dining experiences around the world.  I am always envious when I see my out of town girlfriends post pictures of their incredible dinners out. In turn, my posts of Date Night dinner made my out of town friends craving a dinner here! 

4. Why is so important for you as a mom to enjoy some time away with girlfriends?  
It is soooo important and I can’t stress it enough how much it is needed for us moms! Especially if your a new mom or a new baby (like me). I am very much a homebody and have an extremely hard time leaving my babies, so naturally I don’t plan or do things for myself. I think about of my feels guilty.

But this was a night this mama needed to have a couple hours to herself with her girlfriend to have a real adult conversation about adult and girl life. I have found that when I make time to do something special like this with friends I am an even better mom and wife. It gives me a little break and time to recharge and refocus. As moms, we are constantly giving of ourselves to tiny humans, it’s so important that our cups get filled back up so we can continue to give. 

Yes, I did take Beckham. He was only 2 months at the time and strictly breastfeeding and won’t take a bottle, he truly is such a good baby and if I felt like he would be fussy I would have had my mom on the sidelines (LOL).  I fed him as soon as I got there and he stayed asleep for the majority of the night. 

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