Happy 1st Birthday, Beckham Wise!


Happy Birthday, Beckham Wise!

I know as mother’s we all say this, but I truly can not believe my baby is ONE! 

If you are new here, my mom delivered Beckham while we were staying the night. Not planned! I woke up just after 1 am and went to the bathroom with mild contractions. Knowing my fast delivery with Hudson I knew as soon I felt something I needed to go to the hospital. Since my contractions has just started I turned on the shower and as soon as I stepped in the shower my water broke and things escalated very quickly. I didn’t even take a shower and ran to the back bedroom. I didn’t even make it and within minutes Beckham was born at 1:22 am. It took longer for the paramedics to arrive them my entire labor process, LOL! 

Beckham is my strong willed, mama loving boy! He is sweet, spoiled, and knows what he wants. 

He walks, says, “mama”, “dada”, “papa”, and “nana”. He loves to be outside and will throw the biggest fit if he has to come in. He loves to eat and says “yum” when he sees you eating something he wants. 

He loves Hudson so much and I am in some for a double wild, loud, and messy home. And I wouldn’t trade it for everything. 

Beckham is very much a mamas boy and it makes me so happy! 

I used to think when I just had Hudson that there was no possible way I could love another child as much as I loved him. But then Beckham came and somehow I don’t even remember life without him. 

I hope he always knows how much I love him and that mama is his biggest cheerleader! 


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