Fall Lip Shades

Okay, I am by no means a make-up artist or a beauty blogger. But, I do have a love for lipstick...especially when it comes to the Fall and Winter seasons. Maybe it is because I am from the sunniest place on earth, but I love things dark and cold. Rainy, cloudy days are my absolute favorite!

With Fall just around the corner, I thought I would share with you my favorite Fall lip shades. I have been wearing these same shades for years!!! And I love them all. 

Plus, I love that I can have hardly any make-up one and throw on one of these shades and look put together. 

Favorite Nude ShadeCharlotte Tilbury in "Kim K.W 
This Lipliner (Iconic Nude)

This is the ultimate nude lipstick that works for any skin tone and hair color

Favorite Nude/Brown Shade: MAC Cosmetics in "Velvet Teddy"
I love this shade, because it is between a nude and a brown shade. It is a matte with deep tone beige. It goes with ANYTHING for the Fall season. 

Favorite Pink ShadeMAC Cosmetic in "Flat Out Fabulous"
MAC Lip Pencil in "Magenta"
This is also a matte and is for the pink lovers. Its just a darker shade of pink for the Fall that I love. Looks so good with an all black outfit. 

Favorite Plum Shade: MAC Cosmetic in "Rebel"
This is a satin. And probably one of my favorite lip shades for the Fall. It is that perfect cream plum color. I sometimes use a lighter lip pencil all over my lip before applying to lighten it up. Just depends on the shade/color I want. Sometimes with my pale skin and light hair it can almost look black.

Favorite Red Shade: MAC Cosmetics in 'Viva La Glam III"
One thing I love about Christmas time is the bright red lipstick. But, I also like to save that for the holidays. So for the Fall this is my favorite go to red. 

I hope you enjoyed this! Thanks for stopping by.


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