Recent Beauty Haul

YSL Lipstick in color "Rose Saharienne"
Stilla Lip Liner in shade "Pink Mosacto"
Nars Blush in shade "Gaiety"
I recently picked up/ordered some new beauty products and I thought it would be fun to share them with you.

Whenever you make any kind of cosmetic purchase from Nordstrom, you get to select three samples to have sent to you. Also, here is a little secret. Become a Nordstrom rewards member. You can have it hooked up directly to your debit card and each purchase you make, you build points, which then basically turns into Nordstrom money (or a "note") that you can use towards another purchase. You also get early access to their anniversary sales! But the reason why I say this is because instead of going to the actually retail counter, like Mac, I just order it from Nordstrom and build points. I also have this with Amazon and IT IS AMAZING! 

Okay, moving on. One of the samples I got was this Laura Mercier Radiance Primer and I was immediately hooked! It really is "radiant" and makes your face have this glow about it. And it really does help my foundation last longer. This is the foundation I use and I swear by it! It is worth every penny. 

Also, if you haven't discovered the Sephora masks, you need to! They are $6 and under, I normally always use this one and swear by it! But when I ran into Sephora I went ahead and purchased a few different ones to try since they are so cheap (but not cheap quality). I love this rose eye mask and it smells so good too (only $5!). And I have been wanting to jump on the Charcoal wagon since I have been hearing so much about it. So I tried this charcoal nose strip and love it! Seriously, only $3! There are so many different types and I want to try them all! 

I hope you are having a fabulous day! 

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