Hair Routine and Care

Curling Iron: Conair Professionals OLD updated one here | Shampoo & Conditioner: OGX (favorite) | Leave In Keratin: It's a 10 | Heat Treatment: Tresemme | Oil Treatment: OGX | Hairspray: CHI | Dry Shampoo: Suave | Hair Brush: Ulta | Teasing Comb: Sally Beauty Supply Store

Oddly enough, the second popular question I get is "what curling iron I use"? It is a cheap curling iron I got at least three years ago at Sally's. It is a 1 inch barrel. When I used to wear hair extensions I used a curling wand, and loved it, but once I had Hudson I needed to eliminate as much time getting ready as possible. And the extensions and the curling wand had to be eliminated. So I went back to this curling iron. This exact curling iron isn't made anymore, but I linked the update version above. Its the same brand and size.

Because I have thick frizzy hair, I wash my hair at night and let it hair dry through the night. I only use a blow dryer if my hair is still damp in the morning. After I wash my hair, I comb it with a wet dry brush (you can find these anywhere, even at Marshall's) and spray It's a Ten on my hair. Just a few squirts is all you need, too much will cause it to be heavy and oily. I swear by this stuff! Once I stopped breastfeeding Hudson, I was so worried my hair would fall out and become bitter and frail. My hair has grown faster in the last year than it has in five years. And I truly believe it is because of this stuff.

In the morning before I curl my hair, I use this thermal heat spray. I have used both drug store and expensive products and I prefer this one. Then I use this strengthening oil on my dry hair (you can also use on wet hair). I use a very small amount and rub through out my hair. Focusing on my ends and working my way up.

Once I done that, I divide my hair into three sections and start my curl from the roots to the ends with leaving about an inch at the bottom. I hold it there for a few seconds and release pulling the curling iron down. When I am finished, I let my hair cool and then brush my fingers through my hair and tease my crown. I am hoping I can sometime later today do a tutorial of how I curl my hair over on Insta stories so you can get an actually visual. One thing I have noticed with my hair is the longer I let my hair cool, the tighter my curl is. Maybe it is due to the tickness of my hair...I don't know.

I only wash my hair two times a week (this will change once summer hits) and my curl usually lasts me between washes. I may have to touch us a few front pieces and thats about it. I rarley use a dry shampoo on my hair because the weather has been nice and I don't produce much sweat and oil. Now that we are entering summer and triple weather heat, I will need to pull it out. I linked my favorite above.

I hope this all makes sense. Have a wonderful day!

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