Hudson’s 5th Dinosaur Party

Sharing all the details on Hudson’s Dinosaur party!

I apologize in advance for any typos and errors on this post. I was so tired last night, but wanted to make sure I got this up for you all.

This is actually the 2nd dinosaur party I have thrown for Hudson, you can see the full post here. Some things are the same, but I did change a few things up. I’ve linked and explain everything below.  Hope I didn’t forget anything. 

I shared a small tutorial on my stories (saved in highlights) .

 To make life a whole LOT easier and faster, I invested in this electric balloon pump and you will need this Balloon Garland Strip (it come 2 stripes to make 2 garlands and glue dots).

Here are all the balloons I purchased (the white ones I just got at Walmart)

Then I used these artificial leaves to weave into the balloon garlands. 


Birthday Boy Printable Flag. It’s like $2, just print on your computer and attach to these wooden dowels and then I just got a bunch of ribbon from Michaels. 

Silver Foil Letter Balloons (to spell Fiveasaurus)

I used these dinosaur table cloth for the adults table and this palm leaf one for the kids table. 

Dinosaur “Five” Tee 
Dino Party Hats (I just added the “5” on my own for Hudson)

I just used some of Hudson’s dinosaur toys and put party hats on them for fun. The mini party hats are actually cupcake toppers I found at Michaels and just made them into hats. 

I always purchased sandwiches from Fry’s Food Store, they are so yummy and are so pretty too! 

I ordered the cupcakes from Sam’s Club (which are the best ever!) and used these fossil dinosaurs as cupckae toppers, and then the kids can take them home too. 

Cookies are from The Sugar Bar Yuma, if you are local, I highly recommend! 

The water bottle labels I just made myself on my computer and just printed on these full sheet label paper. Just cut and stick on water bottles. It just makes them look a little nicer. Plus it is fun to have your name on a water bottle.

I used these dinosaur cups for the cotton candy treat. Hudson always wants cotton candy for his birthday, but because it’s so hot you can NEVER find it anywhere and it was just get hard if I ordered online (already tried that). So I invested in this cotton candy machine. It is worth it because I always buy cotton candy in stores for the holidays, but I will say it does take a while to make it. Then I just added a green gum ball and green rock candy.

I never actually got a picture of the goody bags :(, but I did share them on my stories and they are saved under “Hudson’s Birthday” highlights. 

I got the toy dinosaurs and silly string at the Dollar Store.
Dinosaur Gummies are from Walmart

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