Happy 5th Birthday, Hudson Brave!

My little miracle boy is 5 today!

Here I am at 10 PM right this post. Exhausted, emotional, feeling all the feels. I also don’t have my glasses on, so hopefully you can read this. I apologize in advance (LOL!).

I can’t believe I my little guy is 5 years old today. Loving him for 5 years has been a dream come true and it is an honor to be his mom. Now, I know every mom says this, but if you know Hudson, you know its 100% true. 

A little background, I struggled with infertility for two years. One of the hardest times of my life, but I would do all 1,000 times over for this sweet boy. The day I got the call from my doctor telling me I needed to go in for my test results (which is NEVER a call you want to experience), I was devastated. While I was driving to the Dr. office, the song “You Make Me Brave” came on the radio. It’s where he gets his middle name from. 

I finally got pregnant with Hudson and it was the most amazing experience and pregnancy. I knew during those 9 months, there was something extra special about him. 

His brith story was a wild one too, I arrived at the hospital 5 minutes before he was born (a nurse had to deliver him...I LOVE NURSES!)  and it was love at first sight. Truly. I wish I could relive that day a million times. It was one of the best days of my life. Hudson has and always will be my best bud. It was always just the two of us and we HAVE SO MANY FUN MEMORIES. As a matter of fact, just yesterday, as we were driving to Starbucks, Hudson and I were remenising over our favorite memories. As we shared them, I realized that both of our best memories, were just of him and I. We have always had a special bond. 

I could go on and on, but I’ll leave it will with 5 of my favorite things about Hudson. 

1. The way he loves me. I shared this one my Instagram post, but Hudson loves hard. He tells me about 100+ times a day, “I love you Mom”. It’s at the most random moments, but it never gets hold. He also will run up to me at random times and give me a hug, just because. 

2. His imagination. Still til this day, I love watching him play by himself. I don’t think I have yet to give away one toy (unless it is broken) because he literally plays with them ALL somehow or someway. Sometimes I walk in and dinosaurs are eating Peppa Pig and her family. 

3. His stories. He could tell me stories all day long. Stories about this dinosaurs, the lizards he catches, etc.. even though we are together 24/7 and I know everything he did, he still loves to tell me his loooong stories. 

4. His heart. He has the biggest heart. I remember this past Christmas, his little elf on the shelf, would leave him little silly toys in his countdown to Christmas punch box. He loved that thing and talked about it to everyone! One night when it was time for him to get his prize the elf left him, he got 2 skateboards. His cousin was spending the night that night and she wasn’t even in the room to know what was going on. He didn’t hesitate and went right up to her and gave her one. 

Or the time he managed to get this massive branch from the tree, by jumping on the trampoline and his cousin couldn’t get one as big as him... what did Hudson do. Gave it to him. Or the times he shares his Chuck E. Cheese points with other kids so they have something to play too. 

My favorite is when there is only one cookie left or something and he will say “you can have it mom, it’s fine.” He is constantly thinking of other people. 

5. Watching him be a big brother. He is seriously the best big brother. He never complains. He always helps me whenever he can. Always making his brother belly laugh.... I can’t even do that.  Sometimes Beckham will run into his lego blocks he has set up with his walker and instead of getting angry you know what he does... just rearranges the furniture to make a barricade. I mean, is he perfect or what?!

Beckham’s face lights up when Hudson enters the room. It’s my favorite thing to witness everyday. And to be honest, I know that is how alot of people react too when they see him. 

He is truly a gift from God and I thank God every day that he gave me the strength to not give up on my dream to become a mommy, because it gave me Hudson Brave!

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