Fourth Of July Fun For Kiddos

Sharing some fun Fourth of July ideas for kiddos!

It feels like forever since I have done a blog post like this! I found some fun things that we plan on doing with all the kids while we BBQ this weekend and thought I would share them with you all. 

1. Face Decals/Face Crayons and Tattoos : I found these at Michaels (you can order online and do a curbside pick up) and I can’t wait to use them on the kids.

2. Bomb Pop Craft: I purchased these printable from Olive + Eve ($5) and you just cut. Clue around a toilet paper roll and glue a stick. This is easy enough for older kids to do on their own too.

3. Make your own Wand: I honestly can’t remember where I got these star wands. I’m almost positive they are from Hobby Lobby (which is 40% off right now). Pre cut red, white, and blue ribbon and have kiddos pick what color they want and just tie the ribbons on the wand and done!

4. Make your own Flag: This is also a great alternative to the wands if you don’t want to go to the store. Again these are the Olive + Eve printable $5), you can just print at home or wherever. Cut and glue to a Wooden Dowels (or I just used paper straws). You can leave as is or have kids add ribbon too!

5. Scavenger Hunt: I found these in the dollar spot at Target last year and the kids had so much fun with them. Glad I had some left over! Found a downloadable print here for $3.

6. Bomb Pop Sidewalk Chalk: I couldn’t resist these and found them at the Dollar Tree. 

Busy Basket

Okay, if your like me I am always finding things to keep both my boys busy. It can get exhausting entertaining them both all day long. I made these Busy Baskets for the cousins to do so us parents can get all the food together. Alot of it was from the Target dollar spot or you can find at the dollar store too! Flag is from Whimsical Darlings Co and I got the berry baskets from Amazon (which the kids can decorate with paint or markers!

Here is what is included in the busy basket:
1. Star Glasses

2. Light Up Ring

3. Slime

4. Bubbles

5. Sparklers (under adult supervision)

6. Paint Kit

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