Valentine’s For Hudson

Pajamas: Burts Bees | XO Pillow Cases: Ivy and Sage Market (50% OFF with code: HANNAH) | Heart Pillow Cases: TJ Maxx | XOXO Sign: Finding Foley | Garland: Pearl and Jane | Little Boy Sign: Hobby Lobby


I can’t get enough of my little dude who is looking more and more like a big kid and it’s killing me.

Valentine’s this year has actually been SO fun to decorate for. The last couple years, I have done very minimal, because I am outnumbered and there is only so much pink I can get away with. But, brands have come a long way and I love how they have incorporated gender neutral items so boys can get in on all the fun! I mean look at these XO Pajamas!The best!

I can not get enough of these Ivy and Sage Market “XO” pillow covers! They were the perfect addition that completed Hudson’s room. They have a brush stroke detail which makes it very “cool” looking. They have the cutest covers right now for Valentine’s day and I am obsessed with them all. And they have been so generous to offer all my readers and followers 50% off their entire order with code: HANNAH.

I started a V-day tradition when Hudson was 6 months old where the days leading up to Valentine’s day I would write a specific thing each day of why I loved him in little heart drawstring bags. I made a DIY garland and it’s been something so special to me. I ended up switching them out with these V-day cards and pins and I can’t wait to see his face each morning as I read them to him.

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