Beckham Wise’s Birth Story

Beckham Wise’s Birth Story & Newborn Pictures

Today Beckham is 1 month old. It’s extremely hard to accept it and I am really trying to enjoy him at this newborn stage, because I know he won’t be little for long. 

I thought it would be the perfect time to share his birth story. This whole pregnancy I really felt he would come early. My belly was much bigger (even though him and Hudson were pretty much the same size at birthh) I just had a feeling it might happen early. 

My 8 year old niece’s birthday is on November 1st, and she really didn’t want him to be born on her birthday (lol) I don’t blame her. I spent the day cleaning, pulling down all the Halloween decor and starting decorating Hudson’s room for Christmas. We were also in the process of renovations and shuffling our stuff around from room to room. Since the baby’s nursery was part of the renovations, his stuff was anywhere I could put it. We were scheduled to move everything in the next day so I pulled all the baby’s clothes out I had the hallway stacked with diapers and wipes, and the house was decorated half Halloween and half Christmas. Let’s just say stuff was everywhere and if you know me, I am very much a type A person and like all my stuff tidy and in order. 

I had had contractions during my entire pregnancy, but nothing crazy or anything the doctors were concerned about. However, I didnt have any constractions the few days leading up to his birth. We went to my niece’s birthday party that evening and then headed to my parents house (we stay there alot on the weekends). Our night time routine went on as usual, Hudson and I showered and went to bed. All with not one indication baby was on his way. 

I woke up with what I thought was my routine night time pee. I looked at my phone at it was 1:24 AM. I felt some pressure, but just thought I had a full bladder. I walked to the bathroom and had 1 contraction, walked back to the room and texted my mom that I thought I was in labor. This is my 2nd time around, but Hudson also had a crazy birth story (you can read it here) and I always feel like my labors are going to be longer then what they are. 

Since Hudson came fast as well, I knew that the minute I started feeling contractions I would just get ready to go to the hospital. So I turned on the shower and I soon as I stepped into the shower, my water broke and I knew “uh oh, I got to go!” I got out as fast as I could, texted my mom and she got up to get dressed so we could head out. I rushed to the back room to grab some clothes, I only had a quick sec to throw on a tank top and I felt this huge push! It knocked me to the ground and I crawled out of the room and yelled for my mom. She rushed out in a panic and I told her the baby was already crowning and she needed to call 911. 

I crawled to the next room and the 911 dispatcher coached my mom how to deliver Beckham. And with about 2 pushes he was out at 2:01 AM, 10 days before his due date (we actually had to ask the dispatcher to play back the recording to find out what time he was born, because we had no idea). I couldn’t belive that in a matter of 30 minutes he was out. I honestly thought something was wrong, because that just isn’t normal. But I thank God every day that Beckahm was in the right positon, that I was at my moms house (or I would have had to deliver my baby myself), and that he came out crying and breathing. 

We waited for what seemed like an eternity for the paramedics to arrive. The funny thing is, my parent’s pay a monthly fee for ambulance and fire because of the area they live in. If the fee isn’t paid monthly not only is your bill triple the amount for calling them out, but you also aren’t considered a priority if another call comes in. I have never been more grateful! They arrived and were amazing and I got up and walked to the gurney and we headed to the hospital. My brother says us “Wilhite’s” (my maiden name) have a high tolerance for pain...I guess so. 

Hudson slept through the whole thing and that I am extremely grateful for. 

I feel like this whole experience was a good lesson from the Lord, that things don’t have to be perfect in your life for something perfect to happen. If you would have told me, my house would be all over the place and a nursery not yet set up before my baby arrived I probably would have an anxiety attack, not even to mention giving birth at home on the bedroom floor! I even had all my appts carefully planned out that week to get my hair and nails done and even booked a massage. Ha, I even had a photographer in place to have at the hospital. But, life is not about having everything all together, but just enjoying each day and each moment. I have learned the art of “day by day.

And just like that I am the luckiest mommy in the world and have 2 of the best boys on the planet!

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  1. Hannah, this is a beautiful story! I am so thankful you all had safety. You are brave and strong and Beckham is a beautiful blessing. This story is incredible.