Nurse’s Gifts

Sharing what I put together for my nurses in the hospital!

Better late than never right?! This post was suppose to go up a couple weeks ago, but with Beckham coming early, I just didnt have the chance. 

But, I did recieve alot of questions about what I gave to the nurses who took such good care of us. Honestly, nothing fancy or expensive. Just a little something to share them that I GREATLY appreciate them and all that they do. When I gave birth to Hudson (a nurse actaully delivered him), all the nurses scrambled to help him come into the world and did it with such grace and ease. They took such great care of me and my baby, I was so thankful, and so glad I had gifts for them. 

I have said it many times before, but these boxes have come in handy so much. I orignal bought them for Hudson’s birthday party for the goody bags, but also used them for his teacher’s open house gifts, and then the nurses gifts. They come in a pack of 24 for only $11. 

I printed out a little note and glued them to boxes, bought this ribbon, and tied it up. I really tried to find items that everyone could use and love.

Here is what I put in them:

1. Bath and Body Hand Lotion: A little side note if your doing something like this or any kind of small gift, I use the “Free Item” B&B coupon that they send in the mail each month and use them on these lotions and I just stocked up on them and that way you end up not having to acutally pay for them. And they are good quality pretty lotions.

2. Bath and Body Hand Sanitizer: I thought the “Welcome Baby” ones were perfect for this!

3. EOS Chapstick: Come in a pack of 4.

4. Gum 

5. Mints

6. Lindor Truffles Chocolate: I splurged on this item and got them the good stuff. THEY DESERVE IT!

Hospital Bag is Fawn Design and was seriously the best thing ever! If your looking for a hospital bag or just a weekender bag, this one is the best of the best and worth every penny. 

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