Cozy Christmas

Wow! My first blog post since Beckham was born. Honestly when I opened up my computer I felt lost. I think this is the longest I have ever gone without blogging. However, being a mom is my number one priority and I have been loving all the newness of a newborn and being a mom of 2. 

But, with Christmas around the corner and me not ready to leave the house with a newborn, I am all about a cozy Christmas at home. So I have rounded up some of my favorites!

1. Toddler Gingerbread Pajamas

5. Robe

12. Kids Christmas Classics DVD (I grew up watching these and Hudson LOVES to watch these each year)

14. Reindeer Slippers ( I have had these for years and they continue to be a top seller each holiday season)

15. Santa Cup (this one is $5!)

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