What’s In My Hospital Bag

Today I am sharing everything I have packed in my hospital bag!

I have trying to get this post up for some time now, but finding the time right now is so hard. But, I finally finished packaging all our stuff and we are so ready for baby!

Obviously Hudson was my first baby and I didn’t know what to expect, and pretty much packed everything I could. We barely made it to the hospital and I truly didn’t need a thing. It is true what they say that the hospital gives you everything (minus baby clothes). 

So here is what I have packed:


1. Fawn Design Weekender Bag c/o: This bag is literally the perfect size for a hospital bag. Easy to carry and it matches my Fawn Design Diaper Bag. Plus lots of pockets to keep things organized. It comes with a strap too, to carry like a shoulder bag.

2. Packing Cubes: Comes in a set of 5. I used one for my stuff, another for baby’s, and then 1 for my slippers and shoes.

3. Set of Dark Pajamas: These are only $22 and nursing friendly. I honestly didn’t change out of my hospital gown when I had Hudson, but bringing these for our first family of 4 pictures. 

4. Take home outfit: Found this top and these bottoms to wear home. 

6. Slippers: These are only $24 and have hard soles which I love! I also bought a pair of $1 flip flops to also have and just throw away after. 

7. Cute Labor Socks: My mom bought these for me when I was pregnant with Hudson, but because he came so fast, I never got to use them. 

8. Toiletry Bag (comes in a pack of 2 different sizes): Again, I didn’t use anything with Hudson other than my toothbrush and face wash, but you never know how long you will be in the hospital so better to be prepared:

1. Toothbrush, toothpaste, and mouthwash
2. Face wash and moisturizer 
3. Travel size body wash and lotion (bought a cheap $1 sponge to just throw away after)
4. Dry Shampoo and hair ties
5. Contact case and solution
6. Hair brush and Hair Spray
7. Deodorant
8. Shampoo and Conditioner (in case we are there longer than 24 hours)
9. Make up remover wipes

8. Make up Bag and obsessed with this $7 brush holder

9. Nipple Shield: This was a God send for me with Hudson. He did great latching to my left side, but wouldn’t latch on my right which then caused my left nipple to become sore and cracked. I used this for a couple days and it worked like a charm! 

10. Nipple Cream (no need for breast pads, your milk doesn’t come in right away).


2. Newborn Beanie: this was Hudson’s so using it gain with this baby

3. Sleeper Set for hospital (the material on this is amazing and it already comes footed and with hand overs so need to back mittens or socks)

4. Take home outfit: I got this matching top bottoms

5. A couple diapers and a small thing of wipes (just in case).


No one really ever takes about this, not even in birthing classes. But lets face it, the postpartum care is very important. Hudson was born all natural so I can only speak on behalf of a vaginal birth. The hospital does give you some stuff to take home, but for me it wasn’t enough. Here is what I bought:

1. Discreet Underwear: so much easier to just throw away instead of having to worry about a mess. Just being honest :)

2. Dermoplast Spray Oh I loved this stuff!!!

3. Tucks Cooling Pads

4. And a trick one of my nurses taught me with Hudson for an ice pack, was to take a newborn diaper and open it up like a bag of chips and stick crushed ice in it! Makes the best ice pack!

Also, don’t forget to pre register at the hospital, this way you aren’t filling out a bunch of paperwork. 

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