Halloween Treat Ideas

Sharing some fun Halloween Treats and Lunch Ideas!

How darling is this bat lunchbox for Halloween!


1. Mummy Pizza
-Pizza Sauce
-String Cheese

This is easy to make and so fun. Hudson’s favorite food is pizza so I always make him a holiday themed pizza. 

1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees.
2. Spread each bagel with pizza sauce.
3. Add a couple of pepperonis (optional).
4. Spread cheese going in different directions.
5. Place on a baking sheet and bake at 400 degrees for 10 minutes or until the cheese is melted.
6. Let cool.
7. Cut olives like eyes and add!

2. Cookie Cutter Sandwich
This is nothing new, but we have sandwiches a lot for lunches so I always use a cookie cutter to cut them and it just makes them fun.

2. Mummy Juice

Use a small piece of gauze and wrap around an apple juice (or drink of your choice), glue some eyes and add a fun straw and done! And a little tip: save the gauze so you can use over and over again to make drinks fun!


1. Halloween Mix
-Muddy Buddies
-Candy Corn
-Reeses Pieces
-Small Resses Buttercups

Just mix together and enjoy!

2. Boo-Nana Pops
-Chocolate Chips
-White Chocolate
-Cake Pop Sticks

1. Cut bananas in half length wise and then half again to make four quarters.
2. Insert cake pop sticks.
3. Freeze Bananas 
4. Once frozen, melt chocolate for about 30 seconds, stir until it is melted and soft. 
5. Dip bananas one at a time and quickly add chocolate chips for eyes.
6. Return to freezer and enjoy!

3. Spider Butter Crackers
-Ritz Crackers
-Stick Pretzels
-Candy Eyeballs
-Peanut Butter

1. Spread peanut butter on cracker and add another on top (like a sandwich).
2. Stick pretzel sticks on sides like spider legs.
3. Add a small amount of peanut butter on back of candy eyeballs and stick.
4. Enjoy!

Hope this helps you have some fun with your kiddos!

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