Bath Time with Dove Baby

Bath time is one of our favorite moments in our household. Hudson has always loved the bath and I have always strived to make it fun and exciting and a time where we can really connect. Among the many toys, our favorites are bath bombs (Hudson is so funny and loves them!), color drops, and glow sticks (which is really fun), and a new one I just discovered...bath slime! Hudson loves slime and bath slime I can deal with because it's in the bath and not messy. 

Also, how darling are these matching dino bath towels I got for Hudson and baby! Obsessed! 

Now, down to the important stuff. I am a crazy person when it comes to what I put on my babies. And I have tried soooo many products. When Hudson was a couple months old I decided to give Dove Baby a try and never bought anything else. Their products are so soft and gentle on his skin and I loooovvveeee the way it smells!

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