Hudson's Shark Birthday Party

 Dress: Amazon | Sandals: Amazon | Hudson's Swim Shorts: Old Navy

(My sweet niece made this sign for Hudson's Party)

Happy Friday!

Okay so today I am sharing all the details from Hudson's Shark themed birthday party last weekend. First, I want to apologize for the low quality pictures. It was sooo windy and everything was flying all over the place and the light was so odd, so I gave up on the fancy camera and just did iPhone pictures. 

Hudson had the best time and kept saying it was the best day ever! He is still talking about it. We did family and 3 close friends and it was perfect. I always rent a water slide for the kiddos because it's too hot to do anything else. 

I will link everything below, but just wanted to mention the labels and the water labels. I personally made those, it was so easy! I just printed the labels on sticker paper and cut it and stuck them to the water bottles. 

Ballon Garland
Last year I made a ballon garland and it took so much time and was such a pain so I was on the hunt for something much easier. And if you are planning on doing a balloon garland, you have to gt this electric pump (best $18 ever spent) and this garland tape. It makes blowing up the balloons and attaching them so much easier. Especially setting it up and tearing it down.

These are the balloons I purchased: 
Silver Foil Balloon (comes with 2)

Goody Boxes
I used these boxes for the goody bags and they are seriously the perfect size and make it look so much nicer than just bags. They come in a pack of 24 for $11 and I am going to use the left overs as the nursers gifts for when baby arrives. 

Here is what I put in them: 

I also got these mini sharks for the kiddos to take home and "adopt a shark"

Food Table
Every year I do the same things: sandwiches and chips. I don't have the time to even worry about food so I order them from Fry's and they are even pretty! The trays are all old and I have had for years. 

Here is what I purchased:  

Kids Table
I love doing the kids table, but this year's was different because it was so windy. 

Here is what I purchased:
Shark Cups ( these are fun because the kids can take them home and reuse them)

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