Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Tips

Spilling all the deets about the Nordstrom Sale!

The yearly Nordstrom Anniversary Sale early access starts this Friday, July 12! I have been shopping this sale for a few years and have learned some tips and tricks along the way. Here are a few that have helped me.

1.The Nordstrom card is the key. You have it in order to shop the sale on the 12th. Each year items sell out faster and faster due to all the blogger influence. Last year stuff sold out within hours. Usually Nordstrom hold stocks for when the sale opens to the public a week later, however last year that didn't seem the case. There was literally nothing left.

If you don't have a Nordstrom Card you can apply here. And if your approved you don't have to wait to get your card in the mail to shop, you can shop instantly and they will give you a $60 credit too!

2. Subscribe to my blog or turn on post notifications (just for the day). Unfortunately, we do not have a Nordstrom where we live, so I will be shopping the sale online as soon as it goes live. And I will create my favorites and a guide for you all and will post it on blog, stories, and feed as soon as it's done. When you subscribe or turn on notifications it will notify you as soon as it is ready.

Also, a little side not. I am currently working on a blog post about blogging and blogger. But I will plug this in, if you see something I link or post about, please use and shop that link, if you can. We, as bloggers, but in a lot of time and effort in what we do and when you shop our links you are supporting our dreams and hard work. It's no different than "shopping small" or supporting a shop on Etsy.


3. Get the app. Trust me, I hate having a lot of apps on my phone, but honestly, if you love to shop bloggers style, the app will make it so much easier. However, you don't need the app in order to shop the links.

4. If something sells out. Things tend and WILL sell out fast! My best piece of advice is just to buy it and then return it if you don't like it or it doesn't fit. Nordstrom offers free shipping and returns.

However, is something sells out before you get a chance to purchase it, save the items you love to your wishlist in the Like To Know It App, this is where the apps come in handy (or save links in your notes and just copy and paste) and keep checking stock regularly. People return stuff ALL THE TIME and I have scored some items that were sold out, but because I kept checking stock regularly, I was able to score them!

5. Items that will be on sale. This sale is for all things Fall and Winter. So sweaters, jackets, boots, etc... there are some even AMAZING beauty sells that happen too!

I hope this answered all your questions! If you have any more questions, you can leave a comment below or send me a DM on Instagram.

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