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 Today I am sharing all about Ellie + Ott!

 One of my favorite things to do with Hudson (from birth til today) is read. I can't express how vital reading is for your child, even as newborns. I was so excited when I was contacted by Ellie + Ott!

Ellie + Ott are month by month board books which help parents with new babies learn about their development. There is an adventure board book for each month and each are designed to match baby's development for that month and give parents tools to enhance playtime. It incorporates words and sounds to help with vocabulary and illustrations from black and white to color to grow with baby as their eyes develop.  

You can purchase books individually by month or in bundles (set of three). I have the first three months and each month comes with a board book, five playtime activity cards, and 3 parent building strategies cards.  

Here are more details about the books I have:

  • Ready or Not is about Ellie’s birth and how her mom, Anne, got through labor.
  • Simple (but beautiful!), bold illustrations all in black and white for baby’s developing eyes with lots of sounds and words for parents to say since baby’s hearing is great right now and they need to hear your speak!
  • The playtime activities don’t require you to leave the house (or even put a shirt on)!
  • The parent skill theme is SurvivalMode and we share three strategies to get through the first month. You might even see progressive muscle relaxation making a cameo in the book!
  • Alarm Clock is a cheeky story about Ott’s family getting through the first month and wondering if they’ll ever feel productive again.
  • We include some red (it’s the first color babies see!) and lots of text, sounds, and a song to keep parents busy.
  • The playtime activities start to get a little more active and share fun ways to learn with your baby.
  • RecoveryMode is our theme for this month’s parent skill and it’s all about calming your mind, body, and soul after what we assume was a fairly trying first month!

    • The New Normal shows each of the families going through the progression of pre- baby, first moments with baby, and three months into parenthood.
    • The illustrations include red and green (the second color babies see), but still feature good ol’ black and white.
    • The playtime activities this month are laying important groundwork for your baby’s development.
    • The parent skill theme is BossMode and is all about helping you build on the confidence you’ve gained over these past few months!

      I really love and find these books useful for my babies personally, because it is a way for me to connect with them. No cell phones, no electronics, and just to have some one on one time that is actually helping develop their brain. I had black and white books with Hudson, but none of them were actually story books, like these ones. Plus they have the cutest, loving storylines! 

      You can use code: BRAVEBLONDE10 for 10% your books! It's worth the investment. 
      This post is brought to you by Ellie + Ott

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