Easy Lemonade Bar

Sharing an easy lemonade bar for your family BBQ!

The Fourth of July is in a couple of days, so I thought I would share with you a quick, fun DIY Lemonade Bar. I always love to make things look pretty without breaking the bank and this is on way to display them. 


1. Lemonade of your choice: I went with a regular lemonade and a flavored blueberry one. There is also strawberry, peach, etc... just whatever you prefer. 

2. Pellegrino. I used 1 bottle for two bottles of lemonade. 

3. Fresh Fruit & Mint Leaves: I did blueberries, strawberries, and fresh lemons. 

4. Cups and Straws: For some reason I have an obsession with holiday straws. I stock up on them and  save them. I got these ones off Etsy, but you can get simple blue and white striped ones on Amazon or Target. 

I also used mason jars, but I also bought plastic 4th of July Cups for the kiddos. 

5. Containers for Lemonade


1. Cut up and wash fruit. Put in separate bowls so guests can add to their drinks. 

2. Pour 3/4 of Pellegrino and the rest lemonade in your container of choice. 

3. Add mint leaves and some fruit to that. 

4. Set out cups and straws. 

5. I found this cute tray at Walmart for $5 and its pretty big enough to fit everything. You don't have to use a tray, just makes it look more festive and organized. 

Hope you enjoyed this!

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