First Trimester

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I did a Q&A over on stories two days ago about this pregnancy and answered most questions on there. But thought I would share my first trimester bump date today.

So when we announced our pregnancy a few weeks ago, I just shared more of how we found out we were pregnant and that's about it. However, there is a little more to our story.

When I hit about 6 weeks, the nausea kicked in. Which was a huge shock for me, because I never experience that with Hudson. I honestly thought it would go away. But weeks went by and it was still there and 24/7 from the moment my eyes opened until I went to bed.

I had a feeling it was twins.

Well when I went in for my ultrasound, the doctor began the scan and says..."Well, it's twins"...

However, there is only one heartbeat. How can there be twins with one heartbeat? I was so confused. Then it hit me and I realized I had lost one of my babies. I just wanted to cry, but I felt the Lord tell me..."I know what I am doing." Suddenly I felt such a Peace and knew it would all be okay. I am extremely thankful for the one heartbeat we did have and a healthy baby. Being thankful in the midst of the storm is key.

Knowing we had lost on sweet baby, I knew I wanted to wait a while before we told Hudson. I couldn't bare the thought of getting him exciting about a baby brother or sister and then have it taken away. We actually didn't tell him until I was past my first trimester, which was probably a bit too long. Like everyone says, you show much sooner with your second than your first. And on man, is this ever true! I remember Hudson telling me one day, "Mom, you have a big fat belly, is there a baby in there?!" Like what three year old says or even knows that! It was so hard not to tell him right then and there. 

And here we are today! I couldn't be more grateful for another miracle baby.

Remember keep going. No matter what cirucmstance you are facing, you will get to the other side. I know it's hard to see and believe it, but you will make it. 

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