Favorite Skincare Products with Lexli

A while back I did a blog post sharing this skincare line from Lexli. And I wanted to share them again for all the new readers/followers and to update you all on my skincare routine. 

I have tried many many skincare products over the years. My skin is so sensitive, so there are not very many products I can use. Thankfully Lexli, is a product that I found, love and can use. There are a couple of products I use for my complete skincare routine so I will split this up into two different blog posts. 

The first three products I want to share with you are the Cleansing Lotion, the Tone and Balance Spray, and the Simply Hydration

The Cleansing Lotion: I have to use a cleanser that also has a lotion or hydration in it due to my sensitive skin. It is the only stuff that will not cause a breakout. This one feels like a gel and you only need about 2 pumps for your whole face. So the bottle will last you a while. I apply it to my Clarisonic and then cleanse my face. Once you cleanse, your face immediately feels cleansed, hydrated, and soften. The aloe vera ingredient really makes a difference!

The Tone and Balance Spray: Once I dry my face, I spray about 1 or 2 pumps of the Tone and Balance all over my face. You can actually use this for a couple different purposes. You can use it as a setting spray for your make-up, use in place of lotion after showering, as a aftershave to tone down redness, apply to sunburn areas for relief, and even helps ease psoriasis, eczema and rosacea. 

Simply Hydration: This stuff I love! And again you only need a small amount to hydrate your face and neck. It's lightweight and oil free that not only restores the skin's moisture, but locks it in for 24 hours. 

This post is brought to you by Lexli

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