Easy Easter Morning Breakfast

Sharing a easy, fun, and cute Easter morning breakfast.

Easter is one of my favorite holidays! Well... they are really are, but Easter is extra special as we celebrate the biggest victory in history. 

As a kid, my mom would somehow manage to get herself and three children (all by herself), create a special Easter egg hunt for us and whip up the most magical breakfast and still make it to church on time. 

Our church service starts at 10:00 AM. I get up extra early on Easter Sunday to get myself ready before Hudson wakes up. As a family tradition, my mom would hide our Easter baskets and we would have to go and hunt for them. Last year was the first year I did it with Hudson (he is only 3) and he is so excited to see where the Easter bunny hides his basket this year. 

Now for the most important part...BREAKFAST! Kids have to be fed and trying to get in all the festivities and everyone ready for church on time can be a bit stressful. Here, I created a simple, easy, and cute idea for Easter breakfast. A Waffle Bar, you can even do this for pancakes. 

All I did was:

1. Purchase items: 
-Waffles (or pancakes) to save time and clean up I bought the frozen kind.
-Orange Juice
-Whipped Cream
-Toppings (which can include anything you and family would enjoy) 
I used:
-Easter M&M's
-White Chocolate Chips

2. Cut up fruit and place other toppings in cupcake pan (or in bowls). Do this the night before, cover, and stick in the fridge! Once the kids are up, all you have to do is pull out all the stuff from fridge, but it out and done! 

3. Set up table the night before. I also love to buy cute Easter paper supplies (plates, napkins, cups. etc..) and that way I can just toss it and there are limited dishes. I did a whole post on it here. Save your pretty dishes for lunch or dinner. 

4. If your children don't like waffles or pancakes. You can always do this with an oatmeal or cereal bar displaying a couple different cereals in pretty jars. 

A couple other tips to help get you out the door on time:
1. Bath kids the night before. 

2. Pick out all outfits and iron them the night before. 

3. Pack diaper bag, snacks, etc the night before. Hudson sits with me in church so I pack him (a ton) of snacks, crayons, markers, coloring/activity books in my bag. 

4. Make sure the car has gas. May sound silly, but I swear the only times I am running is when I need gas! 

5. Go to bed and wake up early. I know it may not be fun, but trust me it is so worth it and stress free. 

Hope you enjoyed this!

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