Top February Items

 Happy Wednesday!

Today I'm sharing my favorite purchases and most used items of February!

The first are these Triangle Crayons. They are amazing because they are anti-roll! Can't tell you how amazing this has made my life at restaurants, going underneath the tables to get the crayons Hudson dropped. 

Short and skirt season is upon us (well at least for us here in Arizona) which means I have already been using the self tanner. I'v using this Loving Tan Bronze Shimmer and love it. Not only does it give you an instant tan, but it has more of a bronze and shimmer in it to make your skin really glow in the sun. 

Which then leads me to these Face Tanning Drops (only $11).  I am loving my tan skin, but my face was white as a ghost and I looked so ridiculous. So I started using this. I mix it with my moisturizer and done!

Okay these NYX Buttergloss Lipgloss are gold! They are only $5 and come in the most beautiful colors.

These are the shades I have:
"Fortune Cookie"
"Vanilla Creme Pie"
"Cotton Candy"
"Creme Brûlée"

My go to statement earrings are the Sugarfix by Baublebar line at Target. They are so many cute options and they are much cheaper than regular Bauble Bar pieces. They do sell out quick (like these ones), but here is a similar piece.

Hudson LOVES these workbooks. We literally have tons and it keeps him so busy, especially during church. He even requests to do his "homework" while he eats. Sam's Club has great workbook like these, but I will also link some of them in the widget below. 

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