Hair Tools with T3Micro

Today, I am so excited to be teaming up with T3 Micro (again!)! The first time I introduced T3 was with the trio curling wands which I still use and love!

The hair straightener is by far my favorite! It heats up in record time, but not to the point where you use it and feel like your hair is going to burn off. It also really helps smooth those fly aways and tame any frizz, which I have plenty of.

I really try and not blow dry my hair, but because it is winter and I have extremely thick hair, when I wake up its still pretty damp. So I needed a blow dryer that would work without frying my hair. I use it with this volume brush which helps shape my hair with the heat and adds volume as well. I also use  this smooth brush for both wet and dry hair.

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