Home Organization

Happy Thursday!

The last 2 weeks I have been cleaning and organizing like a mad woman. I am generally a very organized person, but I went ahead and found other areas in the house that I needed to organize. It honestly feels so good and helps me so much!

1. White Office Drawers (I actually bought this one because it has the ribbon and wrapping paper storage which I needed more of than extra drawers)

2. Glass Jars ( I love these jars! I use them for everything. Food, Hudson's crayons and markers, I even have a bunch in the middle of counter to store candy)

3. Glamboard (you are probably tired of me posting about this board, but it truly is AMAZING! I store all of my go-to make up in it. It fits perfectly over my sink and leaves enough room to still wash my hands. And if I need to move to the play room or kitchen table to get ready while Hudson eats breakfast, I just pick it up and its all with me)

4. Gold Cart (I have one like this, that I use to store all of Hudson's arts and crafts stuff. That way it is all in one central place and I can just wheel it out)

5. Wicker Basket ( I love to store all of my throw blankets in these baskets)

6. Food Storage Containers (These are amazing and a must have! They make your pantry look clean and organized and I love that they are clear so you can see if you are almost out of an item and add to your shopping list).

7. Fridge Storage (I am so excited about these!)

9. 6 Cube Storage (4 Cube Storage here) I have 3 of these in my house! I use them to storage Hudson's toys and I use these two baskets:

10. File Box (every household needs one of these to store all their important papers in one central place so you know where everything is at, when you need it.  We actually use this fire box, but its a little more expensive)

11. Wicker Basket (I use this one and #16 to store all my food in the pantry. I store all the pasta in one, soups in another, etc. I even have one at the bottom just for all of Hudson's snacks. 

12. Laundry Organizer (Oh how I love this! Makes doing laundry so much easier)

13. Baby/Kid's Briefcase (out of all the gifts I got at my baby shower, I think this one was one of my favorites! Its a file case to store and organize all your kid's important papers)

14. Clear Make-Up Organizer (I actually use this for my jewelry and sunglasses, because I have the glam board for my make-up. But it is great to have to store make-up (or even office stuff), its smaller and not as expensive)

15. Necklace Holder (I just bought this and love it! I don't know why I am just now getting one, but I got so tired of all my necklaces getting tangled)

16. Skinny Wicker Basket (This one is skinner than #11. I use this to store my protein bars and other little things like sprinkles...because I have a million!)

17. Ring Holder (I just ordered this and can't wait to get it to display my rings)

18. Stackable Drawer Organzier (I use these in the drawers in my bathroom to organize all my hair stuff, skin care, etc....I also have this one too)

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