Gift Guide For Her

Well, the time has finally come for my last Christmas gift guide of the season, and I have to say I am really sad. I have enjoyed putting these together for you all to make life and Christmas shopping less stressful. And judging from your response, you guys love it too. And this one is a good one! Saved the best for last.

(I have this and I get so many compliments, they are really pretty!)

2. Ring Holder (Only $27, def on my Christmas List!)

(this is a must have! Perfect for mommy's and college students who need their make-up mobile)

(designer dupes for only $33)

(I have them all and these brushes are by far my favorite)

 (I have this and love it! You can also just buy the micro needling tool by itself here)

12. Lipstick Holder (Only $8)
(I have this and its so amazing)

13. Adidas Sneakers (I wear mine at least 5 times a week!)

(On sale for $52, I just ordered it and can't wait to get it!)

(Perfect gift for a mom! I have it and it is one of my most prized pieces. It has Hudson't birthday, height, weight and time he was born engraved on it)

17. Pom Beanie (less expensive version here)

20. Slippers
(only $20!)

21. Leopard Booties (I am drooling over these)

23. PhoneSoap (I am dying for this! It cleans and sanitizes your phone)

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