Christmas with Duke Cannon

Today I am so excited to be teaming up with Duke Cannon to share with you the one stop shop for the best gifts for the men on your Christmas List!

If you have never heard of Duke Cannon, let me tell you a little bit about it. IT'S AWESOME! It is all things body, hair, beard, and face related just for MEN. I wish you could smell this stuff through these will not be able to keep your hands off your husband. I honestly can't wait to see my husband's face Christmas morning when he opens it all. And the prices are so affordable! I couldn't believe it.  

So let me start with this Handsome Man Grooming Can (I love that it comes in a re-usable paint creative) Perfect for any male on your list. 
It comes with: 
*Beer Soap (woodsy, sandalwood scent)
*Superior Grade Shaving Cream (bergamot, and black pepper sent)
*Cooling After-Shave Balm (sandalwood scent)
*Working Man's Face Wash (invigorating citrus scent)
*(3) Cool Shower Cooling Field Towels
- -  ONLY $25 - -

Then there is this News Anchor Hair Gift Set for men who really take pride in their hair. It comes in a handsome gift box that looks like a vintage TV. 
It comes with: 
*Beer Soap (woodsy, sandalwood scent)
*News Anchor Tea Tree 2-in-1 Hair Wash (tea tree/eucalyptus scent)
*News Anchor Pomade (orange blossom/sandalwood scent)
- -  ONLY $15 - -

This Winter Defense Kit is for those men who understand the wear winter can have on their hands and face. 
It comes with:
*Bloody Knuckles Hand Repair Balm (fragrance free)
*Cannon Balm Tactical Lip Protectant (fresh mint flavor)
*Standards Issue Face Lotion (fragrance free)
- -  ONLY $15 - -

Or here are a couple of individual products that are pretty amazing too:

THICK Exfoliating Shower Soap (Naval Supremacy): The soap is formulated with premimum ingredients and a noticeably higher viscosity. It is designed to work effectively on a man's body. It also comes in a Productivity Scent (blends of fresh eucalyptus, woody pine, and light citrus).
- -  ONLY $12 - -

This "The Holiday 30" Soap Collection is pretty cute too.
It comes with 3 bars of soap:
*1 Ugly Sweater Edition Soap: Burning Yule Logs (woodsy scent)
*1 Ugly Sweater Edition Soap: Snow Covered Pine
*1 Lump of Coal: Activated Charcoal Soap (bergamot and black paper scent)
- -  ONLY $21 for all three - -

This post is brought to you by Duke Cannon

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