Christmas Eve Tradition

Sharing a little fun Christmas Eve tradition we do with Hudson.

Hudson is only three years old and this year has been so fun with the holidays. He is old enough to really understand and care about "France," the elf. And that has been so much fun...(even when I forget to move him!)

Last year, Hudson and I were so sick last year during Christmas. It was actually pretty sad and I felt really bad on Christmas day when he wanted to be excited, but just didn't have the energy. In the past years, we do all the Christmas festivities on Christmas Eve. But, since we were so sick we parked it on the couch. I still wanted to make Christmas Eve special for him. We got into our matching Christmas jammies (because we have been doing that since he was three months old) and I pulled some simple things out of the fridge and pantry to make a little hot chocolate bar. We pulled out our air mattress in the living room and watched the Polar Express. It was honestly such a special memory I will always remember, even though we were both so sick. 

I decided to do it again this year and I can't wait! Plus we have our little elf joining us, who will be leaving Hudson a special note, before heading back to the north pole. 

All of this stuff I already had in my house and literally took my 5 minutes to put together. I also got little boxes and and put together little "Hot Chocolate" boxes as neighbor gifts. I will share it over on my stories later today.

Hope you all have a very Merry Christmas!

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