Toddler Boy Christmas Gift Guide

Happy Thanksgiving Eve!

I know we are all running around trying to get things ready for tomorrow. But I wanted to share with you my Toddler Gift Guide! All of this stuff Hudson already has and LOVES or is on his Christmas list.

I want this to be a helpful resource to you and help with all the stress that can come with Christmas shopping.

Wish you all a wonderful and Happy Thanksgiving!

1. Dinosaur Race Track
(Hudson still plays with this and we got it for him last year)

2. Jurassic World Power Wheels
(Hudson would so love this, but we already got him the power wheel range rover last year for Christmas)

3. Hot Wheels Gator Car Wash Track
(on Hudson's Christmas List)

4. Paw Patrol Lookout Tower
(on Hudson's Christmas List)

5. Toddler Adidas Sneakers
(These are the only sneakers I buy Hudson! Plus the perfect "Something They Need" Gift)

6. Cutting Play Fruit Set

7. Train Set
(Hudson has one just like this that sits on a table and He plays with it ALL day long and for hours at a time)

8. Dino-Pedia Book
(We got this book at a book fair and it is awesome for dino lovers!)

9. Jumbo T-Rex
(Hudson got this for his Birthday and seriously so worth the money! Especially if you have a dino lover. It has a large mouth that makes a sound when you open it and kids can put whatever in his mouth and there is a little opening on his belly to open and it all falls out)

10. Wood Letter Puzzle
(This is also a great learning tool for toddlers)

11. Play Cleaning Set
(Got this for Hudson!)

12. Science Play Kit
(This is really good for any age to be honest, it is so fun and there are so many fun experiments you can do with it with the kids)

13. Paw Patrol Ultimate Fire Truck
(This was the first gift Hudson asked for...already sitting under our tree)

14. Dino Play-Doh Set

15. Dinosaur Backpack


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