Dinosaur Pumpkin Project

Happy National Pumpkin Day!

Yesterday, Hudson and I spent the morning playing outside and decorating his pumpkin. He isn't really old enough to enjoy carving a pumpkin just yet, but painting and decorating he is all about! And he is at the age where he wants to be independent and do everything on his own. 

So in true Hudson style, he had to make a dino pumpkin. And judging by all your DM's you all have a little one who is dino obsessed, so I thought I would go-ahead and put this in a post to make it easy for you all to access. 

I actually found this idea in a Michaels email, so I will link it below along with the cut out template. 

(Everything I purchased at Michales, but you can get them anywhere really)
1. Pumpkin-this is an artificial one.
2. Green Acrylic Paint (and paint brushes)
3. Foam Paper (you can get them with a sticker back to make it easy to apply, but I figured hot glue would be better)
4. Sticker Foam Shapes (but you can use stickers or whatever your little one desires)
5. Eyeballs
6. Hot glue gun and scissors 

(I added the feet last)

Dino Template

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