T3 Micro

Happy Monday!

I am so excited to be partnering with T3 Micro! I have been a huge fan of their hair tools and I was so honored to be able to try them out.

Since cutting my hair short, styling it has been a challenge and I had to get a new curling tool to figure out how to curl my short hair. Well, I spent lots of money on curling irons that I just didn't care for. And as a mommy, time is everything and I want to spend as LITTLE time possible getting ready in the morning. 

One thing I love the most about the T3 Micro Whirl Trio is it heats up instantly! I can literally turn it one and start curling my hair. It comes with a convertible base (that you can also purchase separate) and three different curling barrels. One is a tapered barrel, a 1 inch barrel, and a 1.5 inch barrel. Each one gives a different type of curl. I personally use the 1 inch barrel the most. Once you have the convertible base you can use ANY of the attachments. So if one day you decided you want to use a curling iron, you can just pop off one attachment and add another. It makes it perfect to travel with and not having to pack 4 different heating tools, you just pack one and the attachments!

The Tapered Barrel is going to give your the beachy waves,

The 1 inch Barrel gives more defined waves and curls.

The 1.5 inch Barrel will give more of a full body wave. 

I have linked a lot of their heating products below in the widget. You want regret making this investment. 

And having heating tools that look pretty is just an added bonus. I am obsessed with the white and rose gold. 

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