My Favorite Make-Up Brushes & How To Clean Them

Today I am sharing all about my favorite make-up brushes. Most of which I have had for YEARS. And how I clean them. 

I highly recommend this Sigma Brush! I love the angled edges and the bristles are so soft and thick. I use this for my foundation. I also have this one and just rotate the two. 

As you can see, this brush has been around a while. This is my blush brush and I use on the apples of my cheeks. 
I use this Sigma Highlighter Brush to apply my powder highlight. I spray this on my brush first, then dip it in my highlight, and gently swipe up on my cheek bones, nose, and forehead. 

This brush is also great inexpensive brush for applying a liquid contour.

Every girl NEEDS this brush in their life! I can go on and on about this brush. It is the perfect contour brush. I use it on my cheeks, neck and forehead. Then blend it all together with this brush.

I use this brush in place of my beauty blender when applying my liquid highlight and the angled side for bronzer.

I use this brush to apply my powder foundation. It just glides it on evenly.

This angled beauty blender is life! I use this for applying my concealer and liquid highlight and setting powder,

From left to right
I use this MAC Shader Brush to apply my eyeshadow on my lids and underneath my eyebrows.

I use this MAC Tapered Brush for apply my eyeshadow to my brow bone and for contouring my nose.

I use this MAC Blending Brush for my darker shadow in my crease.

I don't know what I would do without this angled eyeliner brush. It took some time getting used to it, but now it literally takes me seconds to apply my eyeliner and it is precise.

I am also linking my other brushes I use on occasion.

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 I actually learned this trick from another blogger, Emily Gemma, from The Sweetest Thing Blog.

I use these two cleaning mats (only $10) with this dish soap. First, I let just the heads of the brushes soak in water, mainly the foundation and concealer brushes because they absorb the most make-up. Be sure to only let the bristles touch the water, or else over time the bristle will start to fall out...leaned the hard way.

The cleaning mats come with a suction cup on the reverse side, so it sticks to your sink. So you don't have to worry about it moving all over the place. I let the water run and I squirt some soap on the mats and just move the brushes in a circle motion, then back and forth (while the water is running or else your just moving the make-up around) until they are clean. I rinse and then let air dry.

I clean my brushes once a month. Hope this was helpful!

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