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Happy Hump Day! 

One thing you may not know about me, if my skin is EXTREMELY sensitive and picky. I will admit though, pregnancy did wonders for my skin and it has been so much better since having Hudson. However, I still have to be so careful with what products and make up I use on my face. If I change a product I run the risk of a massive break out. 

 I recently discovered Lexli, which is an aloe based skincare line. I have to say, this is one product you will want to invest in. I have more dry skin and these five products will work wonders on your face. Within 24 hours of using my skin felt so hydrated and silky smooth.

First, I use the Cleansing Lotion, which cleans all the dirt and oil from your face, leaving it moisturized and smooth. No dry feeling. 

Once I cleanse my face, I spray the Tone & Balance, which is a face toner. You can also use this as a primer for your foundation and again as a make-up setting spray. You can even use it on a sunburn or as an after shave.

Then I either use the lightening lift or acid exfoliator. The two products are life changing and I highly recommend them! 
The Lightening Lift  is a brightening and lifting face mask. It's sticky (like honey) and I just spread it on my skin while it is damp. It will start to harden and let it sit for about 10-15 minutes. Then wash off with warm water. I use these 2-3x a week.

on the other days I use 

The acid exfoliator , which is AMAZING! If it has been sitting for while, you may want to stir it before using. I apply a nickel size to my skin really trying to absorb it. Let it sit for 10-15 minutes, but DO NOT wash off. The exfoliating beads dissolve into the skin, leaving an ultra hydrating and glow to the skin. You can add the night moisturizer after the 10-15 minutes. I personally do not add the moisturizer when I use this exfoliator, because my skin feels hydrated to the max! But, I do use it all the other days.

I don't ever share a product with you all unless I have tried it out for some time and really believe in it. I truly believe because of the aloe based ingredient, it will work for all skin types. There are even special products if you have acne prone skin, which I use to have before pregnancy. You can even take a quiz on their website to find out what type of skin you have to see what products will be best for you. 
This post is brought to you by Lexli

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