Pangea-Land of the Dinosaurs

Dress: Amazon | Denim Shirt: Forever 21 | Tennis Shoes: Adidas (wearing a kids size 3.5 and normally a 5.5/6 in womens) 

Hudson's Tee: H&M (only $7) | Shorts: Beau Hudson | Tennis: Adidas also here

So,  I am am only half sorry for all these photos. But, I had to share them all with you, because we truly had the most wonderful time surprising Hudson with a "special trip" (that he is still talking about) to Pangea-Land of the Dinosaurs (or as he calls it "dino land").

If you have a dino lover, you HAVE to plan a trip there! It warmed my heart to see Hudson so excited and happy the whole time we were there. I will never forget his high pitched screams and trying to talk so fast I couldn't even understand what he was saying. 

The dinosaurs are so life like and really cool to look at. The lightening and sound effects also make the experience feel so real. When you walk past each dinosaur, there is a screen that tells you all about that specific dinosaur. I have to say, I was so proud of myself and only got one wrong (#dinomom). 

As you make your way to the back, there are little stations. The first is a tattoo station (face painting), a fossil dig; where they actually look for fossils and get to keep them! An excavating station (where they get look for dinosaur fossil pieces with special tools, which they bag up for you so you can take home to glue together to actually make a dinosaur. SO COOL! And the last one was an etching station, where they get to pick from a bunch of different dinosaurs and color over. Hudson really enjoyed all these stations, and the staff was so helpful and interactive with him; which I appreciated!

Hudson also got to ride a T-rex; which was pure heaven for him. He also get to go outside and ride on some other dinosaurs on wheels, next time we go I am getting on one! 

One thing that Hudson spent probably the most time on was the giant t-rex obstacle course. I need to find one of those to rent for his birthday! 

Tickets are very inexpensive so you can go and enjoy with your whole family. Oh, and when your done you have to go upstair and eat at the Pangea Dino Grill!! It's so entertaining and YUMMY (we ate there twice!)

We can't wait to go back!

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