Odysea Aquarium

Earlier this week we had the wonderful opportunity to attend the Odysea Aquarium in Phoenix, Arizona! Hudson is still talking about his "surprise trip." We loved everything about the Odysea Aquarium. Hudson couldn't wait to see the sharks and I think we spent most of our time in that area. 

First, you walk in to the most gorgeous lobby full of fish in these huge bowls hanging from the ceiling. Then their bathroom was awarded "the best bathroom." because you walk into a huge tank of fish and of course...Sharks! We spent a while in there (lol!) 

One thing that was neat, was they organized the aquarium by sea life from the top of the ocean to the bottom (saving the sharks for the end). I also loved that they had steps with railing for the kids to stand on to be able to see all the fish. You can see from the pictures, there was an area where you could touch the sting rays about half way through the aquarium and right next to that was a full cafeteria with seating to stop for a snack or pick up some lunch. There is even a little kids area full of activities for them to keep busy. And you have to get on the "Odysea Voyager" its a 22 min ride that takes you through the aquarium. It truly is one of the most beautiful aquariums I have ever been too. And another thing I love is you can see it all in a couple of hours, grab some lunch, visit the gift shop, and either take the kiddos back for a nap or go back for me later.

We truly had the best experience1 You can get your tickets here. You and your family will love it1

In partnership with  Odysea Aquarium


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