St. Patrick's Day Kiddo Breakfast

Table: Overstock | Chairs: Overstock 

Felt Ball Garland: Glittery Party Co | Lucky Garland: Glittery Party Co

Lephrucan Bucket: Amazon | Goody Bag Stuff: $1 section at Target | Cup: Target | Shamrock Straws: Etsy

When I posted about our Valentine's Day breakfast with Hudson on Instagram, I got so many requests to show you all what I do sooner, so you can do for your kiddos. Duh Hannah! I guess that is my job. Honestly, that one I threw together last minute and just grabbed a donut for him. 

So today, I am sharing with you some ideas for St. Patrick's Day and what you can do with your kiddos for a breakfast, lunch, or whatever. This year it happens to fall on a Saturday, which hopefully means every mom has an opportunity to do something. 

As a little girl, my mom always made big deals about holidays, the big and little ones. And I love being able to do it with Hudson and make things special for him. Plus, I love change in my home, so the holidays are a good way for me to add things here and there. 

Okay lets dive in:
One of the best investments I made was buying this table and these chairs. I use them for everything! Playdates, lunches, crafts, painting, etc... When any of the kids eat on it, I just throw a table cloth over it, because there is paint and markers all over it. But you can do this at your families dining table too. 

DECOR: I usually always find my little decor stuff at Target in that little $1-$5 section. It's cheap and gets the job the done. Hobby Lobby and Michaels are always great options too and it is always ends up on sale too!

Then I find something cute to hang on the wall above the area. Which is usually things I pull from Hudson's room decor or from other little places I decorated in the house.
(I linked everything I found above or in the widget below)

FOOD: Honestly, Hudson really only likes to eat oatmeal for breakfast (and cereal) but he is now starting to eat other options. So usually for holidays, I just give him a donut, because he only gets them on special occasions. 

*So these donuts I actually made myself. Well, let me rephrase, I bought the donuts and then throw the Lucky Charms on them because Hudson LOVES that cereal. Just head the donut up to make it gooey and that way the cereal sticks.

*Then these pancakes I made because I thought it was super cute and a great option for mama's with more than one kiddo and they can share it.

*If your doing a lunch celebration, you can make Shamrock sandwiches using cookie cutters. I bought these cookie cutters because they have the different sizes for fruit too.

GIFT: I usually give a little something. My love language is "gifts" so that is how I feel and give love. This little lephrucan bucket I found at hobby lobby and just stuck 5 little green things that were all $1 each. Last year when I had Abby, I gave them each little boxes of Lucky Charms cereal. So you don't have to spend a lot of money.

If your a mom with more than one kid you can do a little basket full of green snacks and treats for them to share. 

Use Pinterest. You can get so many ideas from there too!
Hope you enjoyed it!

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