A few weeks ago I had received this PetHair Plus Robotic Vacuum Cleaner & Mop from bObSweep.
And let me say WHAT A GAME CHANGER!

As a mom, there are days where I feel like all I do is clean, cook, and fold laundry. Although, all that needs to be done, there are times where I think how my little guy is growing up right before my eyes. At the end of the day, I don't want to be so busy with the chores of life that I miss out on those tiny moments with him.

From the moment Hudson was born, I have always looked for ways to simplify my life. We have two dogs, one being a Lab, and the dog hair is UNREAL! I'm taking, it gets everywhere. When Hudson was learning to crawl, I would have to vacuum 2x a day, because the dog hair was so bad. While I was searching for a robot vacuum to help take some load of my plate, I was immediately struck by the bObSweep PetHair Plus Robot Vacuum & Mop, there is nothing like it! I knew this would be something that would help me out so much. I literally just turn it on, and let it do all the work. Hudson even loves to "help" by turning it on.

There are many things I love about this vacuum, but what I love the most is it targets the pet hair. It's extra long bristles really cover more surface areas. It is also a 5-in-1 vacuum that effectively sweeps, vacuums, mops, sterlilizes (HALLELUJAH), and HEPA filtrates simultaneously to offer the perfect cleaning solution for homes with pets. We also have wood, carpet, and title in our home (I know right) and it works perfectly on all three surfaces. Of course, I used it to clean up the Goldfish and it had no problem sucking it all up (and Goldfish are pretty thick).

Another feature I love is the dustbin. It is the largest in the industry, and I can use the vacuum days in a row before I have to empty it out. I was actually really impressed with it. We had a Dyson prior to the bObSweep and I hated that I had to empty the filter all the time, because it was so small.

There are a lot of amazing things in our generation and the bObSweep Vacuum is definitely one of them! And one I can't believe I didn't get sooner. If you have been going back and forth on a robot vacuum I highly recommend this brand. bObSweep offers 4 different styles and types that you can find here.

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