What I Learned From My Momma

Last year for my momma's birthday, I shared a few things I learned from her. I got a huge response from it, so I thought I would do it again and share a few more things.

*I was 20 weeks pregnant here (at our gender reveal party)

*Hudson just had a surgery here and as soon as we pulled him out of the car seat he wrapped his arms around my mom.

*This was at Abrielles Christmas dance recital (2015)

This is my mama. As a mother I now get it. I understand the endless amount of prayers, faith, worry, fear, and SACRIFICE. My mother is one of those women, where there is no one like her, and no one you will ever met. She has a huge influence in the city of Yuma, and every person I encounter says the same thing about her. She is a gentle spirit with a quiet strength. I have said it so many times before, but in my almost thirty years of living (yes I know!!!) I  have NEVER heard her say a negative thing about anyone. That alone says a lot about a person. 

But, one thing I want people to know about her is her selflessness. I could write a book, but I will just give you the cliff notes.

She came from a poor, abusive home and had to fend and provided for herself at the age of sixteen. She was a single mother raising three babies all by herself with no financial help. Yet, somehow I only remember having the best childhood ever. She did whatever she needed to do to provided for us.

I remember one year I needed a couple hundred dollars to get all my cheerleading equipment and uniforms, I knew this was a lot for us at that moment and was a little worried. However, when I told her what I needed, she didn't even blink and eye and made sure I got everything.  She never said a word, but looking back I know that required BIG sacrifice on her end. Still to this day I don't know what she had to give up, but she did it. And she did that ALL THE TIME for us kids. She still does to this day. 

I could go on and on, but you will come to know her just by reading what she has taught me. There is that saying "no one will remember what you say, but they will always remember how you made them feel." My mom never sat me down and told me these things, she taught with her life and actions.

1. Pray: There is power in prayer and never let this be an option. She taught me that ANY prayer can move mountains.

2. It's never too late: My mom graduated from college in 2005 (a year before I graduated high school). She could have easily just said she was too old, but she did it anyway. She showed us it's never too late and just because you started late doesn't make you are a failure. She now heads up her whole department and several others :)

3. Always believe for the impossible: My mom raised three children all by herself with no financial help and managed to put herself through college too. She could have let her circumstances define her and hinder her, but she didn't. She trusted God with each and every day and he took care of everything else.

4. We are not entitled. Gosh this is such a big one, since we live in a generation of entitlement. We are no better and not immune from certain things.

5. Develop a quiet strength. There is just something about people (especially women) who have a inner QUIET strength. My mom taught me that it is the strength not seen by people or in public that really shows who you really are and what you are made of.

6. Fear is not an option: Fear is faith in reverse. She taught me that you can't do both. You either are going to fear or faith it.

7. Your kids won't remember what they had, but how you loved: It's so hard to sit back and watch parents just buy their kids love (per say) and just throw an iPad in their hands and call it a babysitter. Not against electronics (Hudson has one), but my mom taught me that your kids need you to get down on the floor and use a rubber band to tie two trucks together to make a tow truck (she actually did this with Hudson) is needed for your children. I always remember her limiting the distractions and just playing with us. Even when she had hours of studying to do.

8. Do the best with what is in your hands: It's okay to not be the richest parent or person in the world. We live in a society that is always "more, more, more" and "credit, credit, credit". You can be the most amazing parent with or without money. My mom is the prime example of that. She always did the best with what she had in her hands at that moment.

8. Turn the other cheek: man this is a hard one. One that I have naturally done, not because I wanted too. My gosh no! I have wanted to slap a few people in my life time. But because it was instilled in me as a little girl that when someone throws dirt at us, we don't pick it back up and throw it back.

9. Always go above and beyond: We live in a world were we have taught our children that doing the bare minimum is acceptable. If you want to raise successful humans, it's not. My mom showed us to always do more than what is asked of you and do it the best of your ability. And I have witnessed this first hand in my life that when you work with this type of ethic, great promotion is for you.

10. Wake up early: As long as I could remember my mom woke up sooooooo early. Like 4:30 AM. Still to this day in her 50's she does. This you can def say I got it from my momma. They always says successful people wake up early. It's true!!!

I hope you enjoyed this!

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