Valentine's Gift Guide For Him

Happy Wednesday!

Valentine's is just around the corner and if your like me shopping for the hubs...or just men in general is really hard. Especially when they give you no hints.

So I thought I would share with you some of the items I have purchased (or already have) for the hubs for Valentine's Day. I selected many items to fit every budget.

1. Amazon Echo

2. Bomber Jacket: Hudson has the mini version of this one.

3. Fitbit Watch: I want one! (cheaper style here)

4. Leather Shoulder Bag

5. Couple's Devotional (better investment than any gift)

6. Hooded Tee

7. Jogger Sweats

8. "Husband After God" Book (if your married you need this book of your Husband)

9. Distressed Denim Joggers

10. Congo Autoseal Coffee Mug

11. Electronics Travel Bag

12. Ray-Ban Sunglasses (these are my husbands favorite!)

13. Amazon Echo Dot

14. Adidas Sneakers (I still get DM's about these shoes)

15. Cologne (my husband only wears this and it smells SO GOOD)

16. Portable Charger

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