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Top: Zara similar herehere, and here | Jeans: Rag & Bone similar herehere, and here (only $30) | Sneakers: Converse | Beanie: Topshop

Sunday night I did a poll on Insta stories asking how many of you used I was really surprised by the results. Over 50% of you said "no" and then from that 50%, 75% said it was "too complicated".

So I am going to apologize first and just say that I should have done this a LONG TIME AGO!

Okay, so let me explain LTK. 

It is an APP; which you just download from the app store (it is FREE) and is now available for Android users. It looks like this in the App Store:

 Create an account and link your Instagram to it (it is 100% safe and secure)

Every time you "LIKE" or SCREENSHOT a picture on Instagram (that is linked with LTK) it automatically shows up on the app. 

Open the LTK App (pull down to refresh) and the photo you just liked or screenshot will this:

It will actually have all the pictures you have "LIKED" or SCREENSHOT. Just click on the picture you want outfit details one and everything will appear below, like this:

Click on the item you are interested in and it will take you directly to the retailer.
Another easy way, is to go follow your favorite influencers/bloggers in the APP or you can just search mine (or their name) and all my posts will show up. 


Now some people don't want the app or even after explaining it all, still think it is overwhelming.

So fine!

 You DO NOT NEED LTK.IT to shop anything I have posted. There are a couple ways to shop.

1. The first way is to just use my direct link which is:
(just put in your internet browser)

And every photo I have posted will pop up there. Just click on the picture you want to shop and everything will appear.

2. The second way is go my blog ( and find the blog post you are looking for. However, if it is not a recent post it will be time consuming to go through all my blog posts.

- - - - which then leads me to number 3 - - - -

3. The third way is to go to my blog ( and if you are on a desktop, on the RIGHT HAND SIDE there is a section titled "SHOP MY INSTAGRAM POSTS", it looks like this:

This is a little bit different than the blog posts, because not everything I post on Instagram is a blog post. Especially things I post on the weekends or at night, etc...

If you are using a mobile device, just go to my blog ( and just scroll all the way down to the bottom until you see the same "SHOP MY INSTAGRAM POSTS"

4. I almost always will put my looks on Instagram Stories. All you have to do is "Swipe Up" and it will take you directly to the item. 

5. And if you don't watch my stories, just DM me on Instagram for whatever you are looking for and I will be happy to send you the link(s). It's not a bother and takes me 2 seconds.

I hope this all made sense and was helpful for all you. You all are the best and I so appreciate you all for being such loyal followers!

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