Be Mine

Tee: Ily Couture | Denim: Forever 21 | Heels: Jeffrey Campbell | Lipstick: MAC in "Ruby Woo" with this lipliner in "Cherry"

Hudson's Tee: Ily Couture | Denim: Beau Hudson | Shoes: Adidas | Beanie: Beau Hudson

I can't believe Valentine's is just around the corner. So naturally I had to pull out our "Be Mine" Tees. As you can tell from these photos, Hudson has a big personality and does what he wants. He was over these pictures, so this is the best I got and I am totally fine with it.

I never want to be that mom that forces their kids to do something they don't want to for an "Instagram" photo. But usually these types of photos are my favorite. 

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Take a moment to be thankful today. 

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