Ten Things Children Need To Hear

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Being a mommy is the most vital role I have ever been in. I am in charge of raising a little life and it is my job to give Hudson the tools he needs to be set up for greatness. One of the most important tools are my words! Our words. As mothers, wives, co-workers, friends, employers, or whatever your role is at the moment, we have the power to lift someone up or tear someone down with our words.

No matter what yours or your child's love language is, words play a huge role. Our words become their inner voice.

 I thought I would share 10 things our children need to hear from us everyday or at least every week.

1. I love you. I know this is a given, but there are many children who never hear this from the parents or anyone at all. Always, tell the people you love that you love them.

2. I am so proud of you. No matter what! Our children need to know that our love for them is not performance based. Even if they don't make that winning goal or score the highest grade on the test or like for me, when Hudson has an accident, I am still proud of him for trying. And I make sure to tell him.

3. I love being your mommy (or daddy). We truly are blessed. We have been entrusted with the most beautiful human beings and God could have picked anyone else in the whole world, but He picked YOU to be their mommy.

4. I am so thankful for you. You will be amazed at how much your life will change when you choose to find things to be thankful for. Even if you have to dig around a bit. But, one thing is for sure, children are a BIG thing to be thankful for. Coming from someone who struggled with infertility, I will never take being a mommy for granted.

5. You are so important. This is one they not only need to hear, but also needs to be shown. They are more important than checking your social media, cleaning the house, or doing the laundry. All that stuff will still be there.

6. You are enough. Who they are is enough. They don't need to be compared or need to "be like" anyone else. Who they are is good enough.

7. There is no one like you. There never will be. They are unique and special and there are only certain things that they can do and it will make a difference in the world.

8. You are beautiful (or handsome). I always tell Hudson he looks handsome. So every time I get him ready to leave the house, he looks in the mirror and says "Hudson's, handsome." They will have enough judgement from the world, they need this confirmation more than ever.

9. We all make mistakes. The important thing is that we learn from them.

10. Nobody is perfect. NO ONE IS! Perfection does not exist. Don't let them get caught up in the lie the world is trying to sell, that you have to look a certain way, live in a certain house, have a certain car to have it all.

There is also a book called  the 5 Love Languages for Kids. I highly recommend it for every parent. It will really help you understand and get to know how your child feels loved. Especially if you have more than one, because we all feel loved in different ways.

I hope you enjoyed this!

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