Creating Memories With Baby Boy Bakery Kids

 I am so exciting to be teaming up with Baby Boy Bakery Kids! Baby Boy Bakery Kids creates fun products that are designed to create and capture memories with you and your littles. I love that their purpose is all about helping families spend time together.

And what better way to create memories then around food. I mean we all have to do it at least three times a day. Some of mine and Hudson's special moments together are while we eat. Hudson's favorite thing is while he is eating is to read books, play eye spy in books, and anything that includes coloring or stickers. So when I was sent this Activity Placemat we were so thrilled!!!! I feel like it was made for my Hudson. It has everything from coloring pages, to fill in the blank, counting, creating your own ice cream sundaes with stickers, to creating your own dinner plate. As you can see from Hudson's, he likes all the unhealthy food...I promise he eats fruits and veggies too! This has quickly become a meal time tradition that we look forward too, I already need another!

We also used the Meal Time Dish Set, which includes a plate, bowl, cup, and spoon, to make Christmas cookies here. Another one of our favorites to do together. They are the perfect proportional size for babies and toddlers. We use it for cereal, sandwiches, snack time...everything. What I love the most is it is made with biodegradable bamboo fiber and 100% eco friendly! Which makes me feel at ease.

They also have this Toddler Journal that is one my Christmas list to help capture those tiny moments to remember forever!

You can sign up for a subscription for as low as $15/month to have recipes and coordinating tools sent to you to help you with your child in the kitchen.

Thank you Baby Boy Bakery Kids for letting us create these memories! 

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