Real Motherhood Talk

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Today I thought I would talk some REAL motherhood talk. I did a poll on Insta stories a few weeks back and it was 100% vote that you all wanted to see more family and motherhood posts. And I want it to be raw and authentic and stuff that comes from my heart. So, I thought I would share with you 5 things that I remind myself. It is so easy to get caught up in the frustrations of life, work, family, motherhood that we forget who we are and how amazing we are. And we compare ourselves to other women and moms and think their life is so much better than ours. We all have those "well isn't she just perfect" moments. Hopefully, this will help you and give you a bit of confidence to keep pushing forward no matter what season you are in. 

1. We ALL have the same fears and worries. We do. Don't think you are crazy. We all fear about our children getting hurt or bullied. We all fear for our child's health and well being. Whether or not we spend enough time with them. We even fear if we are even a good mother. You are.

2. We ALL struggle. We all have days that start off wrong and wish for a do over. All our kids act out at one time or another. W all at one point want to pull our hair out. Or sit in a corner and cry. The important thing is to pick yourself off, dust it off, take a deep breath and try again. 

3. We ALL are on the same team. Let's cheer each other on. It makes me so sick when I see other women criticizing other women. Or mothers condemning other mothers. We all our trying our best and just because it "isn't our way of doing it" doesn't mean we aren't doing our best. We all know what is best for our kids. Lets encourage each's so much easier.

4. We ALL are super heroes. Really we are. Women in general are. After being pregnant and have given birth, I am amazed at how strong we are. How amazing our bodies are. I mean we can watch the news, cook breakfast, breastfeed a baby, and pack lunches all at the same time. We juggle a lot and don't give ourselves enough credit. You are amazing! 

5. ALL our kids keep us going. Isn't this the truth?! I mean when it rains it pours and no matter what is going on in our world, we can look at our babies and something just rises up inside of us and we get this strength to get fighting. Keep strong for those babies despite what's your going through. Our babies need a strong and happy mama. It's okay to go through rough seasons, some longer than others, but keep going for them. It's okay to put the kids to bed and then cry until you can't cry anymore, but remember joy comes in the morning and it does get better. 

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