Our Halloween Tradition

Dress: Leith (tank version here) | Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell | Watch: Marc Jacobs 

Hudson's Sweater: Zara (last year) | Tank: Beau Hudson | Shorts: Beau Hudson | Shoes: Adidas also here | Hat: George Hats

Ballons: Michael's Craft Store

Happy Hallow Eve!

I have always been the crazy holiday lady. And it only magnified when I became a mom. Growing up, my mom always made holidays so fun and memorable for us. And is something I want to pass on to Hudson.

This is the first holiday season where I don't have my niece, Abrielle :(  I used to babysit her before she started kindergarten, so Hudson always had a buddy to enjoy our little holiday traditions. But now, it's just me and him... LOL!

I thought I would share with you all our Halloween tradition and how we plan on celebrating tomorrow. 

First, I always start the morning off with a holiday breakfast. I decorate Hudson's little area with some fun stuff (always the night before!). Thanks to places like Michael's and Target's dollar section you can snag a lot of cute stuff for little on the pocket book. Usually, I will make some sort of a halloween themed breakfast. However, this year since Hudson is a bit older I think I will grab some spider donuts from DD and let him have a special treat. If you haven't taken your little to go get one...do it!!! They are the cutest donuts ever!!

Then I usually put together a little goody bag to for him to open. Nothing major or fancy like Christmas, just something small to celebrate. And since EVERY MORNING we read books while eating breakfast, I would imagine we will be reading some Halloween books too! 

We save the special pumpkin that Hudson gets at the pumpkin patch to decorate for Halloween. It's been fun to see him get excited and understand that "that pumpkin" is the "special pumpkin".  While Hudson is busy decorating his pumpkin, I will start to put my mom's chili recipe in the crock pot and let it cook all day for dinner. 

For trick or treating we are taking Hudson, along with his cousins, to the pumpkin patch. They do a "trick or treat street" and its fun to go to booth to booth to see what people come up with. We took Hudson last year and it was alot of fun! My parents also live in the most incredible neighborhood so we will head there after to do more trick or treating. 

There is nothing like the holidays and I know it can be hard for many. But try and enjoy each moment, the moment you are in, because you will never get it back. Enjoy with children, they grow up so fast. 

I would love to know what are some Halloween traditions you all do with your family, so let me know in the comments below!

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