Two Years of Motherhood

Hudson will be two in a couple of days, so I thought I would share with you all what these last two years of motherhood has taught me.

1. Unconditional Love. I always felt like I knew and gave unconditional love, but it wasn't until I had Hudson that I TRULY felt and knew it. I love him REGARDLESS of the who he is, what he likes, what he wants to become, or even the choices he makes. He is my son and I love him!

2. There Is No Such Thing As Perfection. Ugh, this is so hard for me. I am a "Type A" person and always want everything to be perfect. Well, there is no such thing as a perfect person or a perfect life. There is no such thing. And the minute you think that, you have been fooled. 

3. Be Present. So hard in the world we live in today. We could even be all by yourself walking through Target and be on your cell phones, not present in that moment. When I go to restaurants, it breaks my heart to see children sitting in car seats or in a high chair, while both parents are glued to their phones. It is little moments that make up a lifetime. So treat each moment as if it were the last, because you will never get THAT EXACT moment back. Putting the cell phone away, silencing all the noise of the world and the "to-do" list. If your a working mom (I have so much respect for you) be present at work when your there, and then when your home, be present there. 

I love that commercial "It only takes a moment to make a moment". Couldn't be more true! 

4. True Joy. You may not notice it, but I have been through more than you will ever think. I know heartbreak. I know fear of the future, I know a rocky marriage, I know the heartache of infertility, I know the feeling of trying to stretch a paycheck. But, one thing being a mommy has taught me is perspective. I know sorrow and I know joy. And I choose joy, because when you choose joy, everything else falls into place. I look at my little Hudson and I see that huge smile on his face and it reminds me to be happy and grateful. I chose to be thankful in my circumstances, because that makes the difference. 

5. Your Words Have Power. Your words can either tear someone down or lift someone up. This goes for anyone in our lives. I am firm believer that what you speak over your children (or even yourself) will become. Brooke Hampton said it best, "Speak to your child as if they are the wisest, kindest, most beautiful and magical humans on earth, for what they believe, they will become."

6. You Are On Your Own Journey. Don't compare your journey to someone elses. We are all in different seasons and stages of life. No mother is alike. We all have different values, beliefs, and a way of living and we should all support and encourage one another in that. We are all doing the best we can. Don't compare yourself to a stranger on the internet. Or anyone for that matter, it will rob you of all joy. We all have fears, stress, worries, and insecurities. Most of them are probably the same.  You are doing a great job whoever you are and whatever stage of life you are in. 

7. It's Okay. Just repeat that over and over again. It's okay to cry, it's okay to get upset, it's okay to have doubts and fears, it's okay to have a messy house, it's okay to have piles of laundry, and it's okay to put social media on the back burner. 

8. Give Myself Grace. It is so funny how we can give grace and forgiveness to other people, yet we don't give it to ourselves. We are so hard on ourselves. Especially as mothers. I used to (and sometimes still do) end the day feeling so disappointed and like I failed as a mother that day. The beautiful thing is, His mercies are new every morning and I always have tomorrow to learn from yesterdays mistakes and try again the next day. And one thing I am so thankful for, is for these children God has entrusted us with. They are quick to forgive and do not hold our mistakes against us. It is truly a beautiful gift...and now I'm crying. 

9. Organization. Lots and lots of lists! This is what keeps my head above water. But don't get me wrong, sometimes I feel like I am drowning and then I go back to my "list making". I even organize our meals, because it just makes things go smoother and that why I don't have to make 20 trips back to the grocery store. 

10. Wake Up Early. I have done this since Hudson was a newborn. And all mothers know that newborn stage is so hard and exhausting... and Hudson was an easy newborn. But, I would still wake up early. I love to get up before everyone and get myself ready, it takes twice as long to get ready with a toddler. Or sometimes I get up early to just work on my blog, or do a couple loads of laundry. It makes me feel like I have a head start on my day, and that way I can really enjoy and be present in those moments. Try it, I promise it will make a difference, even if its just 30 mins.

I hope you enjoyed this! Thank you for reading and following along on my journey! You all are amazing!


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