Beau Hudson

Dress: Beau Hudson c/o | Denim: Mott and Bow | Shoes: Jeffrey Campell cheaper version here | Watch: Charming Charlie

Hudson's Shirt: Beau Hudson c/o | Shorts: Beau Hudson | Shoes: Piper Finn

From the minute I found out I was having a boy, I was on hunt for trendy little boys clothes. When I came across Beau Hudson, I felt like I scored the jackpot!

In almost every picture posted of Hudson, he is wearing something from Beau Hudson. Then, when I saw that they had "mommy and me" items, my eyes lit up with joy! Hudson and I were twinning with Beau Hudson since Hudson was 3 months old (insert tears!)

I especially love their denim. Their skinny jeans actually fit skinny. And I love that they have an elastic waist band making it the fit perfect around the waist. Also, making it comfortable to play and run around  in. Everything they have is unisex too!

I am obsessed with these grid print items. I wore it as a tunic, but if you size up you can easily wear it as a dress...perfect with some boots for the Fall season. And if you don't have a little boy, they make a mini grid print dress for little girls HERE! They are just darling!

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