Hudson's Swim Lessons 2017

Swimsuit: Old Navy similar hereherehere, and here | Shorts: Topshop | Sunglasses: Ray Ban cheaper version  here (only $60!) | Hat: Old similar here and here

Hudson's Shorts: Target

I love finding things to do in our community with Hudson. I don't like to be a "busy" mom, but I also don't want to be the stay at home mom that is ALWAYS at home. Its all about balance.

Last year we signed Hudson up for swim lessons through the city and he loved it! Obviously, we knew that he wouldn't be swimming after two weeks at ten months old... it is for a fun experience to do with your child (we have to get in the pool with them). So we signed him up again this year, and it was the best decision ever! He loved every minute of it. I would even go about 15 minutes before his class started, because he wanted to "blow bubbles."

I was actually pretty impressed with how well he did...he still likes to think he is the boss and can do whatever he wants. So it was nice to be able to teach him to "listen to the teacher" (instead of mom). Hudson is now able to hold his breath under water for a few seconds at a time. The other day, we went to our neighborhood pool, and I would stick an animal toy at the bottom of one of the stairs and he would go under and grab it. He also has the coordination to kick his feet and move his arms at the same time; however, he refuses to lay on his back and float.

There was a huge "blue" slide right in the area where our lessons were held, and the entire two weeks he kept asking me to go down it. The last day was a play day for all the kids. There was an area with a few small slides and we headed that way, he went down the little slide and then realized this wasn't the "big blue slide" so he begged me to take him on it. I was praying he would forget about it, but he didn't. Thankfully, his swim teacher offered to take him. He went down it and never looked back. He went on it over and over again until it was time to go. I couldn't make the swim teacher take him over and over, so I had to suck it up and take him on it. But the big smile on his face was worth it all!

It was just a fun two weeks to do this with Hudson and we plan to make it an annual thing. And I will definitely be sad the day he is old enough when he doesn't need me in the pool with him.


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