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Re-Play Eat Set

Today I am teaming up with Re-Play!

Today I am so excited to share that I am teaming up with Re-Play! Ever since I discovered Re-Play, I got rid of everything else and only use these products. Re-Play is a family-focused company where all their products are manufactured, assembled, and tested in the USA, which is so important to me, and made from recycled milk jugs! I am big on recycling, so this is a better alternative for parents looking to make the planet a better place for their children. 

These products are thick! Making them durable to last longer than most products. They are made specifically for little eaters, making self-eating simple and easy for them. Hudson loves the dividers because he prefer to use a spoon when he eats and this makes it easy for him to scoop up the food. AND FOR THE BEST PART.... this is the first "no-spill" sippy cup that is ACTUALLY DOESN'T LEAK! Hallelujah!!!

I love how all their products are colorful making it fun for the kids. We have most of the colors and Hudson loves it when I let him pick out what color he wants his breakfast or lunch served on. Sometimes he has a hard time deciding, so sometimes his plate is one color and his fork and cup are another color. Then he says "it's a rainbow." I especially love the Snack Stack Cups, because Hudson is a snack monster and it HAS to be in a "cup." It also makes it so easy to pack snacks when we are on the go and not having to worry about it spilling all over my diaper bag or turning into crumbs in the packaging.

Today, I am teaming up with Re-Play to give away on lucky follower a Feeding Set (see photo below and in the color of your choice! So head over to my Instagram to enter-it is super easy! 

Thank you again Re-Play for creating these pieces to make eating and snacking fun!


Hannah Tovar

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