Glam Board

Glam Board

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So let me introduce you to the best invention to making getting ready easy!

Getting ready with children (no matter the age) period can be a challenge...especially when you are in a hurry, which will also be the time the child is throwing a fit or wants to be held. Most days I wake up before Hudson to get myself ready. Even when he was a baby, I did this. It just makes my day more productive and gives me a head start on the day. I also watch my niece five days a week and she comes at 7 am, so with two little ones it is just easier to get ready ahead of time.

However, there are days when sleeping in, is much needed and I have to get ready with Hudson by my side. I know every mom thinks this about their child, but Hudson really is a good kid and I can't complain. He is so content with playing with his trucks. But we have toys everywhere and sometimes he wants to play in his room, other times in his play room, or at the kitchen table. I went ahead and bought a full length mirror for Hudson's room so I had a mirror in there (and so Hudson could look at himself when he dances... LOL). Or a lot of times I find myself getting ready at the entry way table, because I can see him while he plays in the living room. I usually store my make-up in my bathroom drawers, but it was getting so hard walking back and forth to the bathroom to get my stuff. So when I found out about the Glam Board I ordered it immediately!

I can store all my make-up must haves in it and just carry it from room to room to follow Hudson around as he plays. It also fits over the bathroom sink so I can still get ready in my bathroom. You can adjust the size as well, by sliding the sides in and out. This would also be the perfect graduation gift for those graduates living in dorm rooms or small apartment spaces. You can pretty store anything and everything on this thing. It really is such an amazing product!


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